Carla M. Wilson


  • I've worked with many realtors over the past 2 years in both selling and purchasing a home. Carla by far was the most professional, thorough and persistent realtor in helping my fiancé and I find the right property at the right price. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. She worked with us through nearly purchasing a home that fell apart after the inspection, and was just as dedicated to our buying experience when we had to find another home. She is all around an amazing asset to have on either side of the home buying/selling process. -Christina H

  • I gave Carla a run for her money. I was her first official sale!! I knew what I wanted and knew how I was going to get it. We helped each other every step of the way. Carla became more of a dear friend in the process than just business partner. I adore Carla's drive and ambition to see others happy. I highly recommend her to help you in your home buying or selling experience. -Tori

  • Great Realtor. Carla is very aggressive and knows how to get things done. I was very comfortable with Carla and trust her completely. -Richard Davis    

  • Carla is a very diligent and purpose driven person, she will use those talents to ensure that her customer’s real estate needs are met or exceeded. -Elliott